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Symmetry, Shape and Space

Symmetry, Shape and Space

Symmetry, Shape and Space

Discover Mathematics Through Investigation In Symmetry, Shape, and Space, geometry is the framework for an introduction to mathematics. The visual nature of geometry allows students to use their intuition and imagination while developing the ability to think critically. The beauty of the material lies in students discovering mathematics as mathematicians do through investigation. Many of the exercises require students to express their ideas clearly in writing, while others require drawings or physical models, making the mathematics a more hands-on experience. The book is written so that each chapter is essentially independent of the others to allow for flexibility. The text activities and exercises can serve as enrichment projects at elementary and secondary levels. Mathematics professionals and educators will enjoy its informal approach and will find the explorations of nontraditional geometric topics such as billiards, theoretical origami, tilings, mazes, and soap bubbles intriguing. A companion Sketchpad Student Lab Manual can be packaged with The Geometer Sketchpad or KaleidoMania at a special price.


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