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Advanced Algebra through Data Exploration

Advanced Algebra through Data Exploration

Advanced Algebra through Data Exploration

Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration is an all-new text that combines data exploration, hands-on activities, and the power of graphing calculators to enhance the content of advanced algebra. Embracing the vision and spirit of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics, this innovative text emphasizes conceptual understanding rather than algebraic technique.

Traditional topics from algebra are integrated with chapters on recursion, statistics, data analysis, probability, and discrete mathematics. In recognition of the contribution that visualization makes in significantly advancing comprehension, the text encourages students to use graphing calculators daily to visualize algebraic concepts. Graphs and tables provide "visual spreadsheets" of valuable information, making topics like regression, parametrics, transformations of functions, randomization, Markov processes, and matrices accessible to all students.

A Modern Approach to Algebra

A product of the National Science Foundation supported Graphing Calculator Enhanced Algebra Project, Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration combines integrated, contemporary content with an active and engaging approach to learning. Students work in cooperative groups to collect and generate data, develop and analyze mathematical models, explore patterns and relevant questions, make and defend predictions, discuss and present their findings, and write about mathematics.

Advanced Algebra emphasizes interpretation and analysis of problem contexts and making sense of processes and answers. Instead of drilling students on obsolete paper-and-pencil skills, Advanced Algebra embeds algebraic problems in contextual settings and encourages students to approach problems from multiple perspectives.

Engaging Problems Bring the Algebra to Life

With Advanced Algebra activity-oriented approach, students bounce balls, swing pendulums, and check pulses to collect interesting data and then use the data to understand algebraic concepts and techniques. In individual and group problems, they investigate everything from their school soda machine supply, cereal selections, and pizza orders to world population growth, airline schedules, and get-rich-quick mail scams. These real-world scenarios help students connect mathematics to the world outside the classroom and to realize the crucial role that algebraic methods play in many problem-solving situations.

Your students will acquire the mathematical skills that will help them in life. And they will appreciate the importance and value of what they are learning as they use mathematics to make decisions about the environment, economic and financial conditions, and social and science-related issues.

Technology is Key

From the first chapter, Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration. uses graphing calculators to enhance the presentation of traditional algebra topics. The technology allows students to explore ideas from multiple perspectives: graphic, numeric, and symbolic. The concepts of best-fit modeling, recursion, pattern, rate of change, function, growth, and maximization come alive as students graph and zoom in on special points of interest. Even students who enter your class with poor computational and manipulation skills will find that through the "eyes" of their graphing calculators they can visualize mathematical processes and concepts that previously eluded them.

Graphing calculators also enable students to tackle meaningful and complex problems unapproachable without technology. Modeling random processes, developing simulations, and curve straightening become new problem-solving techniques in students toolkits. Real-world situations involving motion and transformation situations that need more than two variables for their effective description come to life as students learn to graph in parametric mode.

Students can use Advanced Algebra with most graphing calculators, and they do not need any previous calculator experience. The text begins with a thorough introduction to the use of the graphing calculator and calculator practice activities. And you need not worry that students will become overly dependent on technology. Advanced Algebra encourages students to use their judgment in approaching problems deciding when to use calculators and when paper and pencil or quick approximations would be more appropriate.

Transform Your Students into Advanced Algebra Stars!

The contemporary content of Advanced Algebra prepares your students for the future. Active involvement encourages students to make meaningful connections between the mathematics they do and the world they inhabit. State-of-the-art technology offers students the most powerful problem-solving tools and techniques. The result of this combination? High levels of student interest, real challenge, and an advanced algebra course that is exciting to teach.


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