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Dynamic Algebra with Autograph - Personal Use

Dynamic Algebra with Autograph - Personal Use Dynamic Algebra with Autograph - Personal Use

This electronic book (PDF) demonstrates ways that Autograph, dynamic graphing software, is effectively utilized as a tool for interactive teacher demonstrations and independent student investigations. Electronic PDF book with free Autograph files for personal use (School Licence available separately).

The Teacher Demonstrations illustrate topics and turn the classroom into a dynamic learning centre while the Student Investigations heighten a student's understanding and increase their level of competency. This book should not be used to replace a textbook: it is a book of demonstrations and investigations that supplement a good textbook. The topics include many that are found in a typical second year algebra course.

The Teacher Demonstrations are designed to be interactive and used in the classroom to dynamically introduce or illustrate important concepts in algebra. The demonstrations were designed with the intention that they be used with an Interactive Whiteboard or with a digital projector. During each demonstration, teachers should involve the class by asking students to predict what happens if you change the value of a constant, or alter the equation. Encourage students to discuss what is meant by a certain value or the effect a certain value has on the shape of the graph. Many Demonstrations have explicit questions in the text, but the experienced teacher will find multiple opportunities to add their own questions. Although each teacher has his/her own teaching style, I suggest that students perform the Autograph steps by hand, while the teacher walks around the classroom giving instructions and leading the discussion. This way, the teacher can involve the entire class and monitor class activity.

The Student Investigations were designed to follow a Teacher Demonstration. They are investigative and use the power of Autograph to dynamically change variables or parameters. All students need their own copy of Autograph in order to complete the investigations either at school or at home. If your school does not own the Extended School Site Licence, look into the possibility of acquiring it, as it allows students to investigate topics that were unclear to them in class as well as not requiring that they be at school to complete these assignments.

Because these lessons are designed for even the most hesitant teacher, this innovative text will guarantee success in the Algebra classroom. Once the teacher feels comfortable using the lessons in this book, it will be easy to start developing his/her own demonstrations, investigations, and activities. Most importantly, this book will help the teacher enjoy teaching mathematics by effectively using an incredible piece of technology that will inspire students to confidently pursue mathematics on their own.

Unique to Autograph 
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Shortcuts and Useful Hints 
Chapter 1: Linear Equations
Chapter 2: Quadratic Functions 
Chapter 3: Polynomial Functions 
Chapter 4: Polynomial Inequalities and Linear Programming
Chapter 5: Rational Functions
Chapter 6: Analytic Geometry Conic Section 
Chapter 7: Trigonometry
Suggested Answers to Student Investigations

About the Author

Dr. James Kett has extensive experience in Mathematics Education both as a teacher and leader. After teaching in the Michigan public school system, he received his Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Western Michigan University in 1996 and became a teacher and department chair at Singapore American School, the largest international school in the world. For six years, from 2004 to 2009, he was also an Advanced Placement Reader in Statistics. Now, as a private consultant, he speaks at conferences, trains teachers using Autograph, helps schools develop math competitions, and gives inspirational lectures to students and teachers. ISBN-13 978-1-904506-08-9


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