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Autograph 3.3

Autograph 3.3

Autograph 3.3

The world's best 2D and 3D dynamic graphing software plus data handling, statistics, coordinate and transformational geometry just got better. For full details see Autograph

Autograph leads the way in the use of dependent, selectable mathematical objects to help students get to grips with the principles of probability and statistics, and coordinate geometry in both 2D and 3D. Autograph's 3rd version embraces all the possibilities now offered by data projectors and interactive whiteboards. There are two levels of operation, 'Standard' and 'Advanced'. The 'Standard' level has a greatly simplified interface and a reduced set of options for the user - just perfect for age 11-13, whilst the 'Advanced' mode has all this and virtually all you need for more advanced school and college maths too.

The new v.3.3 includes lets you save Autograph activities as web pages for manipulation using a free browser plugin.

This is 'must have' software for the maths classroom.

System Requirements Autograph is available for both Windows & Mac, see below for specific details.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8. It requires 200Mb of disk space and at least Internet Explorer 5 or similar browser. All other utilities are provided by the installation.

Mac Autograph can operate on Intel Mac, OS X 10.4 or above including Mavericks. It requires 2GB RAM and 1GB Hard Disk Space. All other utilities are provided by the installation. Autograph 3.3 now runs seamlessly on all Intel-based Apple Mac computers running Mac OS X. All the features of the PC version have been implemented (*) and AGG files will be fully interchangeable between the two systems. Where possible the Mac interface has been adopted, so Ctrl-Click gives a Right-Click. The CTRL key is otherwise affected by the APPLE (command) key/ (*) The Save to Web feature has only been partially implemented for MAC browsers; also images must be imported, not pasted. However both these features will be available in a future release of the MAC version.

Autograph is supplied as a download but a CD-ROM option is available (please contact us for details)