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MathsNet A-Level Annual Subscriptions

MathsNet A-Level Annual Subscriptions

MathsNet A-Level Annual Subscriptions

Study your Advanced Level mathematics course online. Over 7900 pages of content ranging from illustrations and explanations to fully-worked exam questions and automatic assessment - also includes all of GCSE/iGCSE. Almost every page is interactive, offering you much more than simply an online textbook.

AQA, OCR, OCR-MEI, EdExcel, CCEA, WJEC, Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers, AP Calculus and International Baccalaureate Diploma courses HL, SL and Mathematical Studies, Indian CBSE - and new universal, pre-university and university methods courses.

Including advice from examiners and tips on improving exam technique, advice on graphic calculators, a vast Graph Library, Discussion Group to share mathematical problems, Interactive Glossary and more.

A complete assessment package has been added in to the site, enabling students to record and track their progress using a variety of tests and challenges. Teachers are provided with records of this student progress and can use it for diagnosis, feedback and help. Everything is marked and assessed automatically on-line and results are fully downloadable to your spreadsheet. For further details see MathsNet A-Level or to order see below.

New for 2018: Updated content for the post-2017 syllabi. Updated questions. Works on most devices. Access all the exam boards at no extra cost, including GCSE!

MAKE YOUR SELECTION BELOW, E.G. OPTION 1 FOR COMPLETE ACCESS and choose your preferred syllabus. Prices quoted provide access for 1 Year from the date of subscription. If you would prefer to place a conventional purchase order and have us arrange your subscription and send your institution an invoice, rather than pay by card online now, contact us at 01204 811001 or orders@chartwellyorke.com. Full syllabus (i.e. option 1) single user £20 + vat. (Just 3 modules £10 + vat.) Home Education 2-User Subscription £30 + vat (more users can be added, just ask). Full syllabus 50 User subscription now just £199 + vat (allows all your students and staff to have user accounts but just limits to any 50 at any one time). Full syllabus unlimited Institution subscription SPECIAL OFFER now just £200 + vat

Helpful note: When renewing your subscription, you'll get a renewal link that invites you to log back in to the CY Maths online shop to renew. To do so you need to log in to the shop using the private password you will have chosen to set up with this shop, rather than the Mathsnet password we will send you upon subscription for logging into Mathsnet. Or just give us a call.



Complete access to all our coverage of the exam board of your choice - AQA, CCEA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR, OCR-MEI, Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers, WJEC, AP (Advanced Placement) Calculus or IB (International Baccalaureate - all 3 IB levels HL, SL and MSSL together) or a generic "Universal" advanced maths course, or a course for pre-university, or a typical university mathematical methods course.

From this link you can see the subscription options for accessing the entire syllabus of your choice, and make your choice of subscription option and syllabus.



From this link you can choose licence options and prices to access the entire syllabus for Scottish Highers.

We'll shortly add options here to purchase the new Scottish Advanced Highers coverage as Single, 50-User and Institution Licences too. In the meantime you can purchase both Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers under Option 1 in the MathsNet section of the CY Maths store by choosing "Scottish" from the Option 1 Syllabus link here

Option III  - any 3 Modules

Option III - any 3 Modules

Not applicable to IB or Scottish Highers

Equivalent to AS or A2, ie any 3 modules (free choice of which 3). If you select more than 3 only the first three you select will be activated.

From the links below you may select your syllabus and then go on to select how many licences you want and to pick any 3 modules.