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Miquon Math Materials

Miquon Math Materials

Miquon Math Materials

For 30 years, the Miquon Math Materials have offered children a friendly invitation to the world of mathematics. Based on the belief that mathematical insight grows out of observation, investigation, and the discovery of patterns, the six workbooks of the Miquon Math Materials lead children through an exploration of mathematical relationships. Concrete models are not supplements to the written work but instead are the basis of it and are used continuously.
  • The Miquon Math Materials were developed by Lore Rasmussen at the Miquon School in Pennsylvania. Originally tested in 150 classrooms, Miquon Math has since been used by thousands of children and their teachers. Six student workbooks containing more than 650 lab sheets for first- to third-grade students cover:
  • Counting
  • Odd-even
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Equalities
  • Inequalities
  • Place value
  • Number lines
  • Functions
  • Factoring
  • Squaring
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Graphing equations
  • Geometric recognition
  • Length
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Series and progressions
  • Grid and arrow games
  • Mapping
  • Clock arithmetic
  • Sets
  • Word problems
  • Miquon Math introduces all four arithmetic operations and work with fractions in the first year. By the third year, students are graphing algebraic equations.
  • Miquon Math gives children the basic tools early so that they can be independent problem solvers.
  • from the first day of school. Experiences in building models for concepts precede and prepare children for all written work.
  • Creative Thinking and Learning
    Miquon Math encourages children to explore a variety of learning styles without freezing them with rigid rules or algorithms. Many children develop unconventional ways of arriving at correct results through their own investigations. Miquon encourages such creative thinking.
  • Miquon Math is designed to individualise learning and works for the average learner as well as the exceptionally gifted child. The workbooks are sequenced by level of difficulty and form a complete three- to four-year curriculum.
  • You can also use Miquon Math to supplement a basal program. Each workbooks arrangement by topic allows a teacher to easily select lab sheets that relate to a specific section of any textbook. Miquons variety of content and emphasis on creative problem solving will add new dimensions to a traditional mathematics program.
  • Teaching Resources
  • Three teachers guides are designed to assist teachers in implementing the program:
  • Notes to Teachers is a philosophical and pedagogical statement about children, learning, and teaching.
  • Lab Sheet Annotations contains the specific instructions for using the childrens lab, teaching suggestions, and teaching anecdotes. It is a rich source and guide for creating additional mathematics materials.
  • First Grade Diary is a day-by-day account of the activities in the authors mathematics classroom. It gives an intimate view of the author as teacher dealing with real childrens problems and progress.
  • Scope and Sequence of Topics

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Orange Book, Level 1 (1st Grade) - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Red Book, Level 2 (1st Grade) - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Blue Book, Level 3 (2nd Grade) - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Green Book, Level 4 (2nd Grade) - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Yellow Book, Level 5 (3rd Grade) - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Purple Book, Level 6 (3rd Grade) - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Notes to Teachers - £ 11.00 excl Vat £ 11.00 inc Vat

Lab Sheet Annotations - £ 18.00 excl Vat £ 18.00 inc Vat

First Grade Diary - £ 12.00 excl Vat £ 12.00 inc Vat

Set of 155 Wooden Cuisenaire Rods - £ 20.00 excl Vat £ 24.00 inc Vat

Set of 74 Plastic Cuisenaire Rods - £ 13.00 excl Vat £ 15.60 inc Vat

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